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LEXICAL GAP is a wild lady-punk musical short film that dives into Lex’s origin and tells the story of a mistake she once made as a teenager based on her once warped view of virginity. A now confident artist on a mission looks back at the painful confusion of female adolescence in order to deliver a rallying battle cry of hope and wholeness to woman-kind. Purity is a myth! 


Lexical Gap premiered at the Laser Kitten Studios on February 7, 2019. Check out some badass photos by Erin Leigh below and HERE!

Check out our wonderful review by Jennifer Ortega in Culturally Obsessed!


Writer+Director/Yoko Okumura
Producer/Laura Noxon
Cinematographer/Bennett Cerf
Production Designer/Gillian Chance
Costume Designer/Megan Spatz
Editor/Michael Block

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